Professional Post-Production Services

Full service digital imaging company based in Denver, Colorado.

From on-site digital capture, to offsite post-production and built-from-scratch CG imagery, RedTooth loves working closely with our clients to create flawless, stunning imagery. With offices in Los Angeles and Denver, RedTooth provides a range of digital tech and capture services and professional photo and video equipment rentals.


RedTooth’s bread and butter is fast and flawless retouching. We’re creatives too. We work closely with each of our clients to deliver on-brand, exceptional quality assets. No matter what requirements you have, we can help you get the job done.

Digital Tech & Capture Services

From on-site capture and file management, to on the fly retouching and color correction, our digital techs are well versed in fast paced and demanding productions. We use the latest equipment, software, and techniques to be sure you get the best possible image. Location, studio, underwater? Bring it on, we love a good challenge.


Not getting what you need from traditional photography? No problem, we can create custom CGI to meet your needs. We’ll build your imagery from the ground up using cutting edge technology. Person, place, or thing, we don’t shy away from any nouns.


Live action capture, editing, sound design, and post processing, we can handle your production from start to finish. Whether it’s for broadcast, a video on your website, or film, we’ll optimize the final product for the best viewing experience. Oh, and we have drones.

Take a look at our recent work:

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